Simple... Minimal... Beeswax and sea salt

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Why Use Natural Ingredients like Beeswax and Sea Salt?

Perhaps you crave simplicity, authenticity, and integrity in your skincare? We do too, and we've sourced simple, yet powerful ingredients that gently exfoliate, hydrate, and protect.

Bee & The Sea reflects the myriad of skin-loving qualities available in simple ingredients such as beeswax (sourced from small Canadian beekeeping co-ops), sea salt (rich in magnesium, and gently exfoliating). 

Our ingredients are selected for their integrity, our products are made in small batches, and we are proudly paraben, sulfate, and cruelty-free! 

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I had never used a salt bar before, and now I can't go back. These are so different (in a great way) and last forever!

Elizabeth Martin

I love the way the lotion bar feels.. and it truly keeps my hands moisturized (even through hand washing). Plus, it smells amazing!

Kelly Blackburn